5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe


Right guys, it's that time of year again!

Spring is around the corner, and for me, this means it’s time to start downsizing the wardrobe to make room for that new spring/summer collection. Clearing out the wardrobe doesn’t have to be a stressful and painful experience. It can be an uplifting and spiritual feeling to declutter the hoarding you’ve been doing all year round. An old motto I stand by is ‘out with the old and in with the new’ (sure who doesn’t like new stuff?). Make room for your new purchases by always clearing out something older. Here are some helpful tips with the BIG clear out:

1. Have 3 piles: – Charity: For clothes that can be worn again, so nothing with holes or discolouration! Just remember, your rubbish can be someone else’s treasure! Bin: Shoes with holes, underwear and stained/tired unwearable clothes. Storage: This is only for winter garments that won’t be used during the summer e.g. Woolly jumpers, boots and winter coats.

2. The famous rule ‘If you haven’t worn within six months to a year it’s gotta go.’

3. Start drawer by drawer and then move onto the wardrobe, don’t take everything out at once! If you do, it will create a mess that will seem like more of a chore than making room for the new stuff. Yay to new stuff!

4. Organisation is key! Keep all the same items together e.g. All trousers together, all shirts together and all gym gear together (you get the gist) this is so you will know where everything is and you won’t be pulling out the wardrobe for the one shirt.

5. Get your favourite Spotify playlist on while you are sorting through your wardrobe, something upbeat and fun, this is always good for the soul.

James Kavanagh and Corina Gaffey at Brown Thomas SS17

At this year’s Brown Thomas SS17 fashion show, I had the lovely pleasure of meeting top stylist and fashion guru Corina Gaffey, she had some top advice for clearing out the wardrobe this spring/ summer.

“So obviously go for basics, it doesn’t have to be boring elevate them some way with print or with colour and obviously if you have never worn it and still in your wardrobe within six months to a year get rid of it. I think you know trend are very cyclical they come back in again, but it really depends on what you like, what flatters you as well”

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